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Asian cuisine has a millennium-old tradition but characterizes the European time like never before. Of course, there is no purely "Asian cuisine" because the recipes are adapted to the German practice, which corresponds to a mix of old fashion tradition and modern lifestyle today's health and nutrition awareness. Asian snacks with a focus on a particular kind of offer here are the Chinese kitchen already in the 13th Century was known in Europe by the Venetian traveler Marco Polo and the Thai Food - which today is one of the most popular Asian cuisines heard - even to the German haute cuisine are exotic recipes penetrated.

Through this knowledge, we will try our company spread in Germany. So that people can taste our specialties and exotic food. But of course, there are also culinary excursions to other Asian countries. The sale is to take away in the form of virtually packed, heat-retaining packaging. We place great emphasis on the freshness of our products. We use meat, vegetables, and herbs of the highest quality.

We use selected raw materials (pasta, jasmine rice) and spices from Asia. There are neither cream nor butter and animal fats hardly used. In the short cooking time, the vitamins are retained in vegetables and herbs. We rarely cook sharp and may wish to enjoy authentic Asian (spicy) seasoning. The "secret" is not the product, but the particular type of preparation. The food is prepared in front of customers and packaged, can thus ensure that fresh and easy preparation. This transparency plays an important role in the preparation, cleanliness, and uniform corporate identity.

We focus not only on the taste but also on what our guests want to offer for the eye. Because we know that attaches to the eye.

Asian Friends - The snack concept is structured and organized. With this concept, we achieve short waiting times and are cheap and healthy. One can enjoy the break from work each specialty with us before or after shopping, on the bus, train, or while waiting. Have guests limited time? We offer customers fast here, a clearly laid out menu as well as our popular snack box to take away. We are constantly striving to meet our guest's every need and still have a friendly smile. We treat our employees with respect and dignity.

Description of products and services offered program:
The goals are ambitious and demanding: Introduction yet new Asian dishes and gain new customers for quick, tasty, and healthy Asian food and have the exemplary and upgradeable for new dining options.

Opportunities and risks:
Our product range consists of both new and proven products in the dinner bistro sector so that there are major opportunities that we can fill a gap in the market and can reduce the risk with the approved offer.

Businesses and franchises? Together in the future?
If you are planning to open a snack bar/restaurant, you should think about cooperating with us. In a personal conversation then closer we get to know and learn more about the forms of cooperation offered by us. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your interest.

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